Final Year Projects List


The Innovative Final Year Project List at LogicInside techno lab. is a quality output of constantly careful research. We have put our best knowledge to create various solutions to the existing challenging problems of the society, industry & our daily life scenario. Each project concept is totally different from another one & gives solution to a particular domain of a problem. By the project list we have tried to cover every possible aspect of the demanding globe. Though the list will keep on increasing as the process of Research & Development never ever stops…

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IEEE Projects List…

IEEE Project Title
001 B 2015 EXTC 07396080 An RFID Based System For Bus Location Tracking And Display.pdf
005 M 2014 EXTC IT 06541980 Embedded System for Biometric Online Signature Verification.pdf
005 M 2014 EXTC IT 06786375 Online Signature Verification on Mobile Devices.pdf
005 M 2015 EXTC IT IP 07045688 Performance Boosting of Successive Geometric Centers, Grid & Texture based Feature Vector.pdf
005 M 2016 EXTC IT 07427871 Online Signature Verification Based on Biometric Features.pdf
010 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07210343 A Review of Optical Braille Recognition.pdf
011 B 2014 IT 06883451 RemindU A Secure and Efficient Location Based Reminder System.pdf
013 M 2015 EXTC IT 07333924 Online Handwriting Recognition using Depth Sensors.pdf
013 M 2015 EXTC IT 07486561 Segmentation and Recognition of Text Written in 3D using Leap Motion Interface.pdf
021 M 2013 EXTC IT 06644103 How to use the TPM in the method of secure data exchange using Flash RAM media.pdf
027 B EX 2013 Passenger BUS Alert System for Easy.pdf
045 B 2013 EXTC IT 06454614 Virtual Laser Keyboards A Giant Leap Towards Human-Computer Interaction.pdf
045 B 2013 EXTC IT 06761186 V-Touch Markerless Laser-Based Interactive Surface.pdf
056 M 2013 EXTC Design of a WSN Platform for Long-Term Environmental Monitoring for IoT Applications.pdf
056 M EXTC 2015 06777558 Energy Efficient Environment Monitoring System.pdf
056 M EXTC 2015 07225445 2015 EXTC Wireless Sensor Network System using Raspberry Pi and Zigbee for Environmental Monitoring Applications.pdf
057 B 2015 EXTC 07150739 Design and Operation of Wi-Fi Agribot Integrated System.pdf
064 M 2015 EXTC 06981976 Design and Implementation of Smart Home Control Systems Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and Power Line Communications.pdf
074 B 2014 EXTC 06922259 Real Time Metropolitan Bus Positioning System Design using GPS and GSM.pdf
074 B 2014 EXTC 06953110 Smart Public Transport System.pdf
074 B 2014 EXTC 07030632 Track My Bus - Real time tracking of public buses using GSM communication.pdf
074 B 2014 EXTC 07063743 An Internet of Things based Intelligent Transportation System.pdf
074 B 2014 EXTC IT 07019815 A Mobile Application for Bus Notification System.pdf
077 M 2015 EXTC 07130567 Cascaded Network Body Channel Model for Intra-Body Communication.pdf
126 B 2015 EXTC 07124938 Attendance Management System.pdf
129 B 2015 EXTC 07148526 Smart Drip Irrigation System using Raspberry pi and Arduino.pdf
146 M 2013 EXTC 06524532 LiFi Integrated to Power-lines for Smart Illumination cum Communication.pdf
153 M 2015 EXTC 07224766 Sensor Fusion based Energy Efficient and Sustainable Smart Parking System.pdf
158 M 2014 EXTC BIO IT 06993095 Design of a Wireless Health Monitoring System based on M2M Communication.pdf
165 B 2014 EXTC 06803187 Design and Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS GSM GPRS Technology and Smartphone Application.pdf
165 B 2015 EXTC 07159414 Real Time Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System.pdf
169 B 2015 EXTC 07106974 Smartbin Smart Waste Management System.pdf
175 B 2015 IT 07357936 A Flexible Mobile Ticket for Intelligent Public Transportation.pdf
204 M 2015 EXTC 6963375 Wireless Sensor Networks for Condition Monitoring in the Railway Industry A Survey.pdf
243 M 2015 EXTC BIO 06762822 Implementation of a Wireless ECG Acquisition SoC for IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) Applications.pdf
268 M 2015 IT 07410089 Modeling Mobile Ticket Dispenser System with Impatient Clerk.pdf
274 M 2014 EXTC IT IP 06845969 Real-Time Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition.pdf
274 M 2014 EXTC IT IP Image-Based and Sensor-Based Approaches to Arabic Sign Language Recognition.pdf
275 M 2015 EXTC IT IP 07095368 A Novel Probabilistic approach of Colored Object detection and design of a Gesture based Real-time Mouse Tracking.pdf
P 001 B 2015 EXTC 07087035 A Low Cost M2M Architecture for Intelligent Public Transit.pdf
P 001 B 2015 EXTC 07120749 Smart Bus Station-Passenger Information System.pdf
P 002 M 2015 IT 07434258 Real Time Human Pose Recognition Using Leap Motion Sensor.pdf
P 003 B 2015 EXTC 07369087 Design of an interactive system for city bus transport and visually impaired people Using wireless communication, smartphone and embedded system.pdf
P 006 B 2015 IT IP 07338143 Novel indoor navigation system for Visually Impaired and blind people.pdf
P 008 B 2015 EXTC 07274962 Design and Implementation of Safety Armband for Women and Children using ARM7.pdf
P 009 B 2015 EXTC 07181952 Wheelchair Maneuvering Using Leap Motion Controller and Cloud Based Speech Control.pdf
P 010 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07352588 Braille Character Recognition Using Find Contour Method.pdf
P 011 B 2014 IT 06984232 RemindMe An Enhanced Mobile Location-Based Reminder Application.pdf
P 013 M 2015 IT 07279509 Rapid Recognition of Dynamic Hand Gestures using Leap Motion.pdf
P 019 B 2015 IT 07192993 Design of Secured ATM by Wireless Password Transfer and Shuffling Keypad.pdf
P 020 M 2015 EXTC IT IP 07111532 Hand recognition based on finger-contour and PSO.pdf
P 022 M 2015 EXTC IT 06918556 Toward Welding Robot With Human Knowledge Remotely-Controlled Approach.pdf
P 025 B 2016 EX IT 07459759 Design and Implementation of a System Access Control by RFID.pdf
P 026 B 2015 BIO 07133823 Wearable System for Gait Assessment during Physical Rehabilitation Process.pdf
P 026 B 2015 BIO 07319202 FreeWalker a smart insole for longitudinal gait analysis.pdf
P 028 B 2015 EXTC IT 07364620 Design and development of the sorting system based on robot.pdf
P 031 B 2015 EXTC 07470753 Automated Meter Reading and Advanced Metering Infrastructure Projects.pdf
P 032 B 2014 EXTC 06949799 MCS-51 Microcontroller Based Industrial Automation and Control System using CAN protocol.pdf
P 034 B 2015 EXTC 07192980 Android Mobile Based Home Security and Device Control Using GSM.pdf
P 034 B 2015 EXTC 07226115 Design and Implementation of an SMS Based Home Security System.pdf
P 035 B 2015 IT 07154786 Mobile Based Facial Recognition Using OTP Verification for Voting System.pdf
P 037 B 2015 IT 07301339 A New Retexturing Method for Virtual Fitting Room Using Kinect 2 Camera.pdf
P 038 B 2016 EXTC 07449169 Vision based Bottle classification and Automatic Bottle Filling System.pdf
P 040 B 2015 EXTC 07193075 Mobile Robotic System for Search Mission.pdf
P 042 B 2015 IT 07437890 Design and Implementation of Mobile Phones based Attendance Marking System.pdf
P 043 B 2013 IT 06756339 Automatic Objective Answer-Sheet Evaluation.pdf
P 045 B 2015 EXTC IT 07287956 Virtual Keyboard A human-computer interaction device based on laser and image processing.pdf
P 046 B 2015 EXTC 07150803 High Efficient and Intelligent Lighting and Security Remote Control System using a Zigbee Network.pdf
P 048 B 2015 EXTC IT 07342681 Accelerometer based Wireless Air Mouse using Arduino Micro-controller Board.pdf
P 056 B EXTC 2015 07204013 Approaches for Environmental Monitoring Sensor Networks.pdf
P 057 B 2015 EXTC 07248088 The Design of General Purpose Autonomous Agricultural Mobile-Robot "AGROBOT".pdf
P 057 B 2015 EXTC 07358532 Agriculture Robotic Vehicle Based Pesticide Sprayer.pdf
P 066 B 2015 EXTC IT BIO 07087033 A Braille-Based Mobile Communication and Translation Glove for Deaf-blind People.pdf
P 066 B 2015 EXTC IT BIO 07100321 Novel Approach for Communication among Blind, Deaf and Dumb People.pdf
P 072 B 2015 EXTC BIO 07096009 Involving graduating engineers in applying a commercial brain-computer interface to motorized wheelchair driving.pdf
P 072 B 2015 EXTC BIO 07225484 Wireless Mobile Robot Control through Human Machine Interface using Brain Signals.pdf
P 074 B 2015 EXTC 07375712 GPS Based Bus Tracking System.pdf
P 074 B 2015 EXTC IT 07443592 Smart Public Transport System Using Mobile phone based sensing.pdf
P 074 B 2015 EXTC IT 07380436 GPS Supported City Bus Tracking & Smart Ticketing System.pdf
P 074 B 2015 IT 07306740 Bus Locator Application for Time Management and Security.pdf
P 077 M 2015 EXTC BIO 07066454 Secure Communication System for Wearable Devices Wireless Intra Body Communication.pdf
P 079 M 2015 EXTC 07159525 Remote Lab Implementation on an Embedded Web Server.pdf
P 080 B 2016 EXTC BIO 07459057 Rapid Prototyping of a Smart Device-based Wireless Reflectance Photoplethysmograph.pdf
P 086 B 2015 EXTC 07225477 Wireless Home Energy Consumption Control based on Prioritised Load Switching.pdf
P 087 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07095848 Visual Surveillance Using Absolute Difference Motion Detection.pdf
P 089 B 2015 EXTC 07095866 Wi Lights - A Wireless Solution To Control Headlight Intensity.pdf
P 090 B 2015 EXTC BIO 07159373 Advanced Talking Navigation Cane for Visually Impaired using Capacitive Touch.pdf
P 090 B 2015 EXTC BIO 07323276 Multisensor guided walker for visually impaired elderly people.pdf
P 093 B 2016 IT 07449177 Intelligent Hands Free Speech based SMS System on Android.pdf
P 096 B 2015 EXTC 07155828 Real Time AMR & Control of Household Energy Meter with Zigbee Communication.pdf
P 104 B 2015 EXTC 07159316 Design and Implementation of Anti-theft ATM Machine using Embedded Systems.pdf
P 107 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07095911 Open Road Tolling in India by Pattern Recognition.pdf
P 109 B 2015 EXTC 07095406 Gesture Signals Processing for a Silent Spybot.pdf
P 109 B 2015 EXTC 07449642 Gestures based Wireless Robotic Control using Image Processing.pdf
P 112 B 2015 IT 07478242 An IoT Smart Queue Management System with Real-Time Queue Tracking.pdf
P 113 B 2015 IT 07058518 Secure End-to-End SMS Communication over GSM.pdf
P 117 B 2014 EXTC 07103927 A Novel Control of Disaster Protection (NCDP) for Pilgrims by Pan Technology.pdf
P 118 B 2015 EXTC BIO 07219960 Wireless Body Area Network For Monitoring Body Temperature, Heart Beat And Oxygen In Blood.pdf
P 119 B 2015 EXTC IT 07194129 Testbed for a LiFi System integrated in Streetlights.pdf
P 121 B 2015 EXTC 07176210 Flood Sensing Framework by Arduino and Wireless.pdf
P 123 B 2016 EXTC IT 07480162 Computer Vision Based Fire Alarming System.pdf
P 125 B 2014 EXTC IT BIO 07045175 A Mobile Driver Safety System Analysis of Single-Channel EEG on Drowsiness Detection.pdf
P 125 B 2015 EXTC IT BIO 07158365 Development of a real-time drowsiness warning system based on an embedded system.pdf
P 127 B 2015 EXTC 07226163 Wireless Fingerprint Attendance Management System.pdf
P 137 B 2015 EXTC 07226117 ARM Based Remote Monitoring and Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse.pdf
P 138 M 2015 EXTC 06732886 WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings.pdf
P 138 M 2015 EXTC 07069397 A ZigBee Based Reliable and Efficient Power Metering System for Energy Management and Controlling.pdf
P 148 B 2015 EXTC IT 07081194 Eye Tracking System to Detect Driver Drowsiness.pdf
P 148 B 2015 EXTC IT 07396336 Real Time Drowsiness Detection using Eye Blink.pdf
P 148 M 2016 EXTC 07484220 Standalone Wearable Driver Drowsiness Detection System in a Smartwatch.pdf
P 149 B 2015 EXTC IT 07192976 Secured Electronic Voting Machine using Biometric.pdf
P 150 B 2015 EXTC 07192988 Intelligent Interface Based Speech Recognition for Home Automation using Android Application.pdf
P 158 B 2015 EX BIO 07405449 Advanced Observation and Telemetry Heart System utilizing Wearable ECG device and a Cloud Platform.pdf
P 159 B 2015 EXTC BIO 07192877 Android Based Health Care Monitoring System.pdf
P 159 B 2015 EXTC BIO 07288802 A Comprehensive Mobile E-Healthcare System.pdf
P 162 B 2015 EXTC IT 07087039 Human hand tracking using MATLAB to control Arduino based robotic arm.pdf
P 165 B 2015 EXTC 07443571 Real Time Vehicle Tracking System Based on ARM7 GPS and GSM Technology.pdf
P 169 B 2015 EXTC 07104901 Robust Waste Collection exploiting Cost Efficiency of loT potentiality in Smart Cities.pdf
P 170 B 2016 IT 07501350 Tracking and Localization Using Android Phone System.pdf
P 178 B 2015 EXTC 07275877 Remote Monitoring and Control of a Mobile Robot System with Obstacle Avoidance Capability.pdf
P 181 B 2016 EXTC BIO 07430735 Medication Adherence by Using a Hybrid Automatic Reminder Machine.pdf
P 183 B 2016 EXTC 07462435 Configurable ZigBee-based Control System for People with Multiple Disabilities in Smart Homes.pdf
P 187 B 2015 EXTC 07155900 Low cost e-book reading device for blind people.pdf
P 193 B 2015 EXTC IT BIO 07432918 Brain Computer Interface Device for Speech Impediments.pdf
P 197 B 2014 EXTC 07054886 Hand Gesture Based Mobile Robot Control Using PIC Microcontroller.pdf
P 199 M 2015 EXTC IP IT 07178275 How to Construct Progressive Visual Cryptography Schemes.pdf
P 199 M 2015 EXTC IT IP 07155832 Enhancing Security and Privacy in Biometrics Based Authentication System Using Multiple Secret Sharing.pdf
P 209 B 2016 IT 07460060 3D Gesture Mouse Being Multitask without Losing the Focus.pdf
P 212 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07216981 Design of real-time speed limit sign recognition and over-speed warning system on mobile device.pdf
P 214 B 2016 EXTC 07479892 Integrating Remote Sensors in a Smartphone the project "Sensors for ANDROID in Embedded Systrms.pdf
P 222 B 2015 EXTC 07193276 Advanced Vehicle Security System.pdf
P 223 B 2015 EXTC 07216884 Road Conditions Detection using Aruduino Based Sensing Module and Smartphone.pdf
P 228 B 2015 EXTC IT BIO 07095893 Finger Braille Tactile Communication For Differently Abled.pdf
P 229 B 2015 EXTC 07193128 Automatic Detection of Squats in Railway Track.pdf
P 233 B 2015 EXTC 07342677 Real Time Data Monitoring System with Intelligent Vehicle Tracking using ARM7.pdf
P 234 B 2016 EXTC 07490653 Embedded System Design of a Real-time Parking Guidance System.pdf
P 235 B 2014 EXTC BIO 07057005 Heart Rate Monitoring System using IR base Sensor & Arduino Uno.pdf
P 243 B 2015 EXTC BIO 07151585 ECG Monitoring Using Android Mobile Phone and Bluetooth.pdf
P 247 B 2015 EXTC 07093839 Autonomous Messenger Using Propeller LED Display.pdf
P 259 B 2016 EXTC IT 07498910 AirSniffer A Smartphone-Based Sensor System for Body Area Climate and Air Quality Monitoring.pdf
P 268 M 2016 IT 07440229 NFC4Sure Mobile Ticketing System.pdf
P 269 B 2016 EXTC IT IP 07473527 Real Time Face Recognition System.pdf
P 270 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 7260234 An Improved Tracking-Learning-Detection Method.pdf
P 270 M 2015 EXTC IT IP 06855348 Learning to Track Multiple Targets.pdf
P 270 M 2015 EXTC IT IP 7153893 Multiple Objects Tracking and Identification Based on Sparse Representation in Surveillance Video.pdf
P 271 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07159473 Web-Based Online Embedded Door Access Control and Home Security System Based on Face Recognition.pdf
P 271 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07489445 Facial Image Based Security System Using PCA.pdf
P 272 M 2016 EXTC 07448556 An Integrated Cloud-Based Smart Home Management System with Community Hierarchy.pdf
P 273 B 2015 EXTC 07100519 Design And Development Of A Low Cost Electronic Hand Glove For Deaf And Blind.pdf
P 273 B 2015 EXTC 07124995 A Hand Gesture Based Transceiver System for Multiple Application.pdf
P 274 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07095846 Voice For The Mute.pdf
P 274 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07150886 Real time Finger Tracking and Contour Detection for Gesture Recognition using OpenCV.pdf
P 275 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07250337 Hand-Free Head Mouse Control Based on Mouth Tracking.pdf
P 275 B 2015 EXTC IT IP 07307391 Real Time Mouse Cursor Control Based on Bare Finger Movement Using Webcam to Improve HCI.pdf
P 275 B 2016 EXTC IT IP 07476114 A Novel Robust Camera Mouse for Disabled People.pdf
P 278 B 2015 EXTC 07193161 A Rescue System of an Advanced Ambulance Using Prioritized Traffic Switching.pdf
P 278 B 2016 EXTC 07373732 A mobile ZigBee module in a traffic control system.pdf

LogicInside Projects List…

001  Smart Transit Sign for Bus Stops - Bus Stop's IndicatorEXIEEE 2015
002  Real Time Human Gesture Recognition Using Leap Motion SensorITIEEE 2015
003  Design of an interactive system for city bus transport and visually impaired people Using wireless communicationEXIEEE 2015
004  NFC-RFID Triggered Mobile Payment - eCommerceIT
005  Touch Screen Based - Embedded System for Biometric Online Signature VerificationITIEEE 2016
006  Novel indoor navigation system for Visually Impaired and blind peopleEX | ITIEEE 2015
007  SunFlower - Lets Track The SunEX
008  Design and Implementation of Safety Armband for Women and Children using ARM7EXIEEE 2015
009  Leap Motion Controller Wheelchair-Robotic NavigationEXIEEE 2015
010 Image Processing Based Braille to Text ConversionITIEEE 2015
011  Location Based Reminder using Android Mobile with Google MapITIEEE 2014
012  Implementation of Virtual Reality & A.I. using Electronic Chess BoardEX
013  Leap Motion Sensor Based Real Time Air Handwriting RecognitionIT
014  Android Mobile Based Automatic Meter Reading CollectorEX
015  Stand Alone Automatic Industrial Parameter Controller - SCADAEX
016  Development of Secured Access Control System for Door-Safe - Password BasedEX
016a RFID Based AccessEX
016b Finger Print Based AccessEX
017  Digital Vehicle Data Recorder (DVDR)EX
018  LPG Gas Leak Detector with Knob Controlling & SMS AlertEX
019  Design of Secured ATM by Wireless Password Transfer and Shuffling KeypadITIEEE 2015
020  Hand recognition based on finger-contourEX | ITIEEE 2015
021  Development of Robust & Highly Secured Information-Data Storage MediaEX | ITIEEE 2013
022  Leap Motion Controlled Precise Robotic ARM ControllerEXIEEE 2015
023  OFF Route IndicatorEX | IT
024  Intelligent Adaptive Bidirectional Railway Signaling System for Single Line RouteEX
025  Multilayered [Card, Password, Fingerprint & Face Recognition] Based Advanced Access Control SystemEX | ITIEEE 2016
026  FreeWalker: a smart insole for longitudinal gait analysisBIOIEEE 2015
027  Passenger BUS Alert System for Easy Navigation of BlindEXIEEE 2013
028  Fully Automatic Color Based Object Sorting Conveyor BeltEXIEEE 2015
028a Color Sensor BasedEX
028b Image Processing BasedEX | IT
029  Internet Based Fully Automatic Emergency Data Backup of LAN in Case of FireIT
030  Internet Based Collaborative Synchronized White BoardIT
031  Power Line Communication Based Smart Metering SystemEXIEEE 2015
032  MCS-51 Microcontroller Based Industrial Automation and Control System using CAN protocolEXIEEE 2014
033  Automatic Stop Identification System with Announcement - for BusesEX
033a Wireless Based (RF)EX
033b GPS Positioning BasedEX
034  Automatic Intrusion Detection with SMS Alert - Multiple Sensors -Home Office SecurityEXIEEE 2015
035  PC Based Facial Recognition Using OTP Verification for Voting SystemITIEEE 2015
036  Platform for Online Chess Playing & Broadcasting with FriendsIT
037  Image Processing Design Flow for Virtual Fitting RoomITIEEE 2015
038  Fully Automatic Bottle Filling System with Quantity ControlEXIEEE 2016
039  Mobile NFC-RFID Based “SHOW–n-GO” Self Soft Ticketing System for RailwaysEX | IT
040  Development of Navigational ROBOTEX | ITIEEE 2015
040a Android Mobile Controlled (Bluetooth Modem)-
040b Remote Controlled (Basic Radio-434MHz)-
040c Remote Controlled (Zigbee Module)-
040d PC Controlled (Zigbee Module)-
040e PC Controlled (Bluetooth Modem)-
040f GPRS Based LIVE ! Through Mobile Internet-
040g GSM-SMS Based Controlling-
040h Mobile Based Speech-Voice Controlled-
041  Android Interactive Services of College Database for StudentsIT
042  Android Mobile Based Students Attendance Register for TeachersITIEEE 2015
043  Image Processing Based Computerized Evaluation of Answer Sheet of Competitive ExamsITIEEE 2013
044  Smart Kitchen - Gas Leak Alarm + Automatic Cylinder Booking + Auto Timer + Fire AlarmEX
045  Image Processing & LASER Based Virtual KeyBoard & MouseEX | ITIEEE 2015
046  Motion Based Automatic Street Light Intensity Controlling SystemEXIEEE 2015
047  Most Advanced AmbulanceEX | BIOIEEE 2015
048  Accelerometer based Wireless Air Mouse using Arduino Micro-controller BoardEX | ITIEEE 2015
049  Multiprocessor Communication Protocol - Distributed Processing for Embedded SystemEX
050  Development of Router for Embedded SystemsEX
051  Universal Android e-Voting System - Election + Reality ShowsIT
052  Automatic Detection of Brain Tumor Detection in MRI imageIT
053  Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR)EX
054  Stegnography - A Secured Key-based Digital Text Passing System through Color Image PixelsIT
055  RFID Based Fastest Ever Automatic Self Coupon Ticket Printing Machine for RailwaysEX
056  Weather Probing System - Environment MonitoringEXIEEE 2015
057  Wireless Remote Controlled Seed Sowing ROBOT & TRACTOR for AgricultureEXIEEE 2015
058  Android Mobile Based GPS & GPRS Based Real Time Friends LocatorIT
059  Blind Vision : Finger Reader for Visually ImpairedIT
060  Image Processing Based Automatic Conveyor BeltEX
060a With Rejection-
060b Quality Controlling of Any Shape Object-
060c Object Identification & Sorting with Individual Counting-
060d Quantity Checking of Medicine Tablet Packaging Strip-
061  Design & Deveopment of Audio Spotlight : Ultrasonic Directive SpeakerEX
062  Fully Automatic Petrol Pump SystemEX
063  Automatic Power Saver for Home-Office : Minimizing the Energy ConsumptionEX
064  PLC : Power Line Communication - Communicating Power SupliesEX
065  GPS Video Advertiser for Buses & Trains - Location Based AdvertiserIT
066  Mobile Lorm Glove for Deaf, Dumb & BlindEX | ITIEEE 2015
067  Brainwave Monitoring of Patient for Stress ManagementBIO
068  OTP Based An Enhanced Secure Mechanisum of Acces Control of DoorsEX
069  Development of Handheld Hawkers Tax Collection Receipt PrinterEX
070  SMS Based Controlling & Status Monitoring of AppliancesEX
071  Development of Handheld Bus Ticket Printing MachineEX
072  BrainWave - Mind Controlled Wheel ChairEX | BIOIEEE 2015
073  MobiKey : Using Android Mobile as Digital Key for Home DoorsEX
074  Track My Bus - Real Time Bus Locator Using Android PhoneEX | ITIEEE 2015
075  Digital Rope Cutting Machine - an innovationEX
076  On-Panel Signaling System for Trains with Automatic BreakingEX
077  BIO Secure Communication System for Wearable Devices Wireless Intra Body CommunicationEX | BIOIEEE 2015
078  PC Based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - SCADAEX
079  Embedded Web Server Application Based Automation and Monitoring SystemEXIEEE 2016
080  Rapid Prototyping of a Smart Device-based Wireless Reflectance PhotoplethysmographEX | BIOIEEE 2016
081  Image Visualizer for Blinds - Really?IT
082  Smart Socket - A Smart Approach Towards Reducing The Electric BillEX
083  The Introduction and Design of a New Form of Supermarket Billing SystemEX | IT
084  PC Based Wireless Environment Sniffer BOTEX
085  Advanced Interactive Remote Door Bell Communicator : Your Home SecurityEX
086  Wireless Remote Controlling of Electrical AppliancesEXIEEE 2015
087  Implementation of Vision Based Automatic Home-Office-Industry Security MonitoringITIEEE 2015
088  Flex Based Glove for Remote Control for Home AppliancesEX
089  Wi Lights - A Wireless Solution To Control Headlight IntensityEXIEEE 2015
090  UltraSound Based Smart Cane / Blind Stick / Blind Navigator / Blind AssistEX | BIOIEEE 2015
091  Skinput - Using Your Skin as Touchscreen - Simply !EX | IT
092  Hand Held Terminal for Driving License Validation - No Risk to Forget License !EX
093  Intelligent Hands Free Speech based SMS System on AndroidITIEEE 2016
094  Automatic Voice Alert Announcement System Based on Parameter Failure for IndustryEX
095  Rolling Message Display SystemEX
096  Fully Automatic Management of Energy Meter Data & Billing Cycle with Power Cut-OFFEXIEEE 2015
097  Implementation of Children Tracking System on Android Mobile TerminalsEX
098  PenDrive to PenDrvie Data Transfer Without PCEX
099  PC Monitored Guard With Auto Sensing of Emergency - Guard Tour ManagerEX | IT
100  Women Protector - Design & Development Women Safety Waist BeltEX | IT
101  Women Protector - Design & Development Intelligent SandleEX | IT
102  Speaker Dependent Door Access - Only Your Voice Command is the KeyEX
103  An Efficient Auction Based TATKAL Scheme for Indian RailwayIT
104  Design and Implementation of Anti-theft ATM Machine using Embedded SystemsEXIEEE 2015
105  Mobile Controlled Internet-GPRS Based Remote Appliance Controlling SystemEX
106  Geoencryption-Location Based Encryption : GPS Protected Secured Data EncryptionIT
107  Image Processing-Vision Based Automatic Toll Tax Collection SystemEX | ITIEEE 2015
108  Tongue Controlled Wheelchair for Physically Handicapped PersonEX | BIOIEEE 2016
109  Image Processing Based Hand Gesture Controlled Wireless Robotic NavigationEXIEEE 2015
110  Fingerprint Secured Winlogon Attachment for Desktop ComputersIT
111  Smart Door Bell with Visitor Message RecorderEX
112  Dynamic Queue Manager for Customer Care ServicesITIEEE 2015
113  An Innovative Encrypted SMS System for Android PhonesITIEEE 2015
114  Zip it up SMS - A Path Breaking Model in The Field of Mobile MessagingIT
115  No Queue (Uninterrupted) Toll Tax Collection System using Wireless TechnologyEXIEEE 2016
116  Image Processing Based Automatic Seat Belt Detection of Car DriverIT
117  Pilgrims Tracking Using Wireless Sensor NetworkEXIEEE 2014
118  PC Based Biomedical on Bed Patient Monitoring SystemEX | BIOIEEE 2015
119  LiFi-Light Fidelity : Free Space Visual Light Communication (VLC) SystemEX | ITIEEE 2015
120  Multiprocessor Based Multimedia Controlled Multifunctional ROBOTEX
121  Centralized Real Time Flood Monitoring of CityEXIEEE 2015
122  PC Controlled Fully Automatic Customized Color [Chemical] Mixing SystemEX
123  Image Processing Based Fully Autonomous Fire Fighting ROBOTEXIEEE 2016
124  Design of Anti-Collision System for RailwaysEX
125  Brainwave Based Continuous Monitoring of Driver AlertnessEX | IT | BIOIEEE 2015
126  RFID Based Hand Held Terminal for Attendance System of College StudentsEX
127  Fingerprint Based Hand Held Terminal for College Students Attendance System with No ProxyEX | ITIEEE 2015
128  Automation of Wireless Scheduled Water Distribution SystemEX
129  GSM-SMS Based Remote Irrigation-Pump Controlling System for AgricultureEX
130  Fully Automatic Unmanned Railway Gate Controlling SystemEX
131  Soft Biometric Traits for Continuous User AuthenticationIT
132  Braille Language - Self Learner for BlindsEX | IT | BIO
133  Design & Development of Automatic Baby IncubatorBIO
134  Fundus Image Processing for Diabetic Retinopathy Retinal ImagesIT
135  Smart Device for VehiclesEX
136  Real Time Traffic Density Monitoring System with Graphical Interface on PCEX
137  Automation of Green House Monitoring & Controlling SystemEXIEEE 2015
138  Remote Socket Controller - Monitoring and Controlling of Power Consumption of Electrical DevicesEXIEEE 2015
139  Face Liveness Detection From a Single Image via Diffusion Speed ModelITIEEE 2015
140  An Approach Towards Human Finger Controlled Artificial ROBOTIC FingerEX
141  Content Based Image Retrieval System (CBIR) - Histogram BasedIT
142  OTP SMS Based Two Factor Authentication for ATMEX | IT
143  Capnography - Noninvasive Method for Monitoring the Level of CO2 in Exhaled BreathBIO
144  Image Processing Based Multitouch Motion Gesture Recognition for Various PC OperationIT
145  Digital Air Brush - Virtual Drawing Canvas Using Image Processing - HCIEX | IT
146  LiFi Integrated to Power-lines for Smart Illumination cum CommunicationEX
147  Eye Controlled Wheelchair for Paralyzed Persons - Image ProcessingEX | BIO
148  Keeping Eye on Drivers Eye - To Prevent AccidentsEX | ITIEEE 2016
148a Image Processing BasedEX | IT
148b Eye Blink Sensor BasedEX
148c Standalone Wearable Driver Drowsiness Detection System in a SmartwatchEX
149  True Finger Print Based Fully Secured Voting SystemEXIEEE 2015
150  BlueHome - Using Mobile as Remote Control for Home AppliancesEXIEEE 2015
151  Most Advanced Real Time Live Video Stegnography - Embedding Information while creating New VideoIT
152  OpenCV Based Image Processing Controlled Design & Development of Vision for ROBOTEX
153  Android Mobile Based Searching & Reserving for Parking Space in CityEX
154  Motion Recognition Based on Face and Hand Activity DetectionIT
155  Rescue and Protection System for Underground Mine Workers Based on ZigbeeEX
156  Watchman's Watcher - Security 24x7 - Smart Guard Time AttenderEX
157  Development of Wireless GAIT Analysis And Spinal Rotation MeasurementBIO
158  GPRS Based LIVE Remote Patient Health Monitoring SystemEX | BIOIEEE 2015
159  Movable Patient Health Monitoring with SMS Alert & Real Time LocationEX | IT | BIOIEEE 2015
160  TrackEye : Real-Time Tracking of Human Eyes Using a WebcamIT
161  A Dynamic Skin Detector Based on Face Skin Tone ColorITIEEE 2015
162  Human hand tracking using MATLAB to control Arduino based robotic armEX | ITIEEE 2015
163  Operating PC through Android MobileIT
164  Android Mobile Based GPRS Commando Pinging SystemIT
165  GPS Based Vehicle Position Tracking on Google Map in Real TimeEXIEEE 2015
166  A Fusion Approach for Efficient Human Skin Detection - 2D Histogram + GMMIT
167  Hand Held Terminal for Election - Increasing The Voter CountEX
168  Finger Print Authenticator for ATM MachinesIT
169  Zigbee Based Wireless Network for City Clean-Up ! : Bins Overflow Indicator & Waste Collection MEXIEEE 2015
170  Mobile Tracking Live on Google Map in Real TimeITIEEE 2016
171  Intelligent Gadgets for Bikers With GPS Positioning & Alert SMSEX
172  Contour Analysis : Robust Any Shape Recognition Invariant to Transposition, Rotation, ScalingIT
173  Android Mobile Based Employee Attendance SystemIT
174  Image Transformation - Gray Scale to Color ConversionIT
175  Android Mobile Based Queue Less Ticketing System for Local TrainsITIEEE 2015
176  Prompt Indian Coin Recognition with Rotation Invariance using Image ProcessingIT
177  Android Mobile Access of College Library InformationIT
178  Multifunctional Robot Equipped with GPRS-GPS-Arm-Sensors-CamEXIEEE 2015
179  Remote PC Interfacing - SMS Based Switching ON-GPRS Based Fetching Info & Process ActivationEX | IT
180  Real Time IP Based Handwritten Printed Character RecognitionIT
181  Medication Adherence by Using a Hybrid Automatic Reminder MachineEX | BIOIEEE 2016
182  TeleTouch - A Revolution to AutomationEX | IT
183  Complete Home Automation - Smart Home - Various OptionsEXIEEE 2016
184  Development of WiFi - BlueTooth Communication ProtocolIT
185  SPARSH - Passing Data Through Body as a Medium - Red Tacton - HANEX | IT
186  Multiple Styles Wireless Crawling ROBOT - SandBotEX
187  Enabling Visually Impaired to Read Text PC-MobileEX | IT | BIOIEEE 2015
188  Head Motion Controlled WheelchairEX | BIO
189  Digital Petrol Quantity-Level Meter for Vehicles - No More CheatingEX
190  Accelerometer Based Hand Glove for Advanced Wireless ROBOT ControllingEX
191  Touch Screen Based Hand-Written Character RecognitionIT
192  Face Recognizing ROBOT - A Combat ROBOT Equipped with Computer Vision to Fire Only on EnemyEX
193  Brain Computer Interface Device for Speech ImpedimentsEX | IT | BIOIEEE 2015
194  Automatic Sleep Apnea DetectorBIO
195  Mobile Based Automatic Appointment Scheduler for DoctorsIT
196  Embedded Digital Notebook for Students - Save PaperEX
197  Flex Sensor Based Wireless Glove for Robotic Surgery ARMEXIEEE 2014
198  Mobile Interactive GPRS Based Objective Examination SystemIT
199  Visual Cryptography - a new approach towards image stegnographyITIEEE 2015
200  Design of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using Embedded SystemEX
201  GPS Protected Secured LOCK-SAFEEX
202  Incampus Wireless Navigator for BlindsEX
203  Development of Biomedical PC Controlled Automatic TractionBIO
204  Wireless Sensor Networks for Condition Monitoring in the Railway Industry:EX
205  Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication: The Future of Vehicle Crash AvoidanceEX
206  A Fair FARE System - a Meter that can NOT CheatEX
207  Unmanned Bus Ticketing SystemEX
208  Human GPS Path Tracer & Logger in Android MobileIT
209  3D Gesture Mouse : Leap Motion Controlled Mouse OperationITIEEE 2016
210  Android Mobile Based College NOTICE Reception SystemIT
211  Real Time Detection of Abandoned Objects in Live Incoming Security Video CAMIT
212  Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Traffic Sign in Video Sequences for Autonomous Mobile ROBOTITIEEE 2015
213  Designing Smart Card Based Prepaid Electricity MeterEX
214  Integrating Remote Sensors in a Smartphone: the project “Sensors for ANDROID in Embedded systems”EXIEEE 2016
215  Monitoring Breathing Pattern - Measurement of Respiratory Changes in Palliative CareBIO
216  Accelerometer Based Automatic Self Balancing PlatformEX
218  Touch Screen Based Invisible PIN-GRAPH Entry for ATM AuthenticationITIEEE 2014
219  GPS-BOT : Autonomous Navigation From Location A to B - Driverless VehicleEX
220  Design & Development of Automatic Power Theft Detection in Electricity DistributionEX
221  Image Processing - Vision Based Intelligent Traffic Light Controlling SystemEX | IT
222  Vehicle Anti-Theft Control System Design Using Embedded SystemEXIEEE 2015
223  Road Conditions Detection using Aruduino Based Sensing Module and SmartphoneEX | ITIEEE 2015
224  CAN Based System Architecture for Industrial SCADA ApplicationEX
225  Shopping Application System With Near Field Communication (NFC) Based on AndroidIT
226  Design & Development of Biomedical Infusion Syringe PumpBIO
227  Design & Development of Biomedical Blood Infusion WarmerBIO
228  Finger Braille: Tactile Communication For Differently AbledEX | IT | BIOIEEE 2015
229  Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme with GPS Location LoggingEXIEEE 2015
230  Digital Dental Pressure Monitoring SystemBIO
231  Image Processing Based Real Time Automatic Missile Detection & DestroyEX
232  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)BIO
233  Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of VehiclesEXIEEE 2015
234  Embedded System Design of a Real-time Parking Guidance SystemEXIEEE 2016
235  Optical Heart-Beat Monitoring SystemBIOIEEE 2014
236  OpenCV Based Robust License-Number Plate RecognitionIT
237  EMG - Myoelectric Controlled Prosthetic DeviceBIO
238  Development of Electronic - Digital Stethoscope (Phonocardiogram)BIO
239  Android Mobile Based Speech Controlled Wheelchair for Physically ChallengedEX | BIO
240  Design & Development of Monitoring of Sweat RateBIO
241  NFC Mobile Based College Students Attendance Collection & Uploading to Server Using GPRS !IT
242  CAN Application for Vehicle AutomationEX
243  Zigbee Based Wireless Electrocardiogram (ECG)BIOIEEE 2015
244  Development of Digital Blood Pressure MeterBIO
245  Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee NetworkEX
246  Hand Gesture - Vision Based Remote Control for Home Appliances : HandmoteEX | IT
247  Rotating LED Display - with Rotating MessageEXIEEE 2015
248  A Novel Mobile Wireless Sensing System for Real Time Monitoring of Posture and Spine StressBIO
249  ZigBee Based Multi-Level Parking Vacancy Monitoring SystemEX
250  Research on M2M Link of Remote Wireless Monitoring System Based on GPRS and MCUEX
251  Automatic Drip Rate Monitoring & Controlling SystemBIO
252  Touch Screen & Zigbee Based Wireless Communication AssistanceEX
253  Design & Development of Biomedical Spirometer MachineBIO
254  Automatic Detection of Empty Cylinder & Booking Via SMS TechnologyEX
255  Automatic Electricity Failure Detection System for Quick ResponseEX
256  Automatic Detection & Fine Generation for Vehicles Parked at NO Parking ZONEEX
257  Revolutionary Eco Friendly Horn - Reducing Noise PollutionEX
258  Design & Development of Touch Interaction for ProjectorsIT
259  AirSniffer: A Smartphone-Based Sensor System for Body Area Climate and Air Quality MonitoringEX | ITIEEE 2016
260  Brainwave Based Mind Controlled Bulb with Intensity VariationEX
261  Computer Vision Based Image Processing for Automatic Alert Generation on Falling Objects-HumanIT
262  Design & Development of Real Time 2D Augmented RealityITIEEE 2016
263  Most Advanced Smart Shopping Cart - Auto Bill GenerationEX
264  Smart Trial Rooms - Your Shopping AssistanceIT
265  Design and Prototype of Automatic In-Vehicle Road Sign Delivery SystemEX
265a RFID Based-
265b GPS Based-
266  Revolutionary Election (Polling) System using ATM - Drastically Reducing the BudgetIT
267  NFC Based Mobile Interactive Shopping AssistanceIT
268  Revolutionary NFC Ticketing System for NON NFC MobileITIEEE 2016
269  Face Recognition Based Automatic Mass Attendance System of College StudentsIT
270  Tracking-Learning-Detection (TLD) - Predator: Camera That LearnsITIEEE 2015
271  Door that Identifies You - Keyless Door Lock - Your Face is the Only Key for Your LocksEX | ITIEEE 2015
272  An Integrated Cloud-Based Smart Home Management System with Community HierarchyEXIEEE 2016
273  Flex Based Glove for Sign Language (Gesture) Recognition With VoiceEXIEEE 2015
274  OpenCV Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Natural Human Computer InteractionITIEEE 2015
274a Sign to Text-Speech-
274b Various PC Operations-
275  Mouseless - An Invisible Mouse (HCI - Human Computer Interface)EX | ITIEEE 2016
275a Color Based Operation - Colors on Fingers (Basic)-
275b Pure Palm & Finger Based Operation - NO Colors (Advanced)-
275c Face & Eye Gesture Controlled Operation - Hands Free Cursor Control-
276  Innovative Color Coded CryptographyIT
277  Area Based Automatic Regulation of Speed for Fast VehiclesEX
277a RF Based-
277b GPS Positioning Based-
278  A Rescue System of an Advanced Ambulance Using Prioritized Traffic SwitchingEXIEEE 2016
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